Pete Sage, violin, Santiano

06/16/2018 Off By ole wilson

Thank heavens I found Wilson pickups for my violins by coincidence after having spent a small fortune on other systems, some of which were bordering on useless for my expectations or just didn´t offer the range of flexibility which the Wilson pickups have.

I chose the twin pickup system after trying one system out first as I have four differently tuned violins on stage which, with other systems, produced differing sound levels and tonal quality. The Wilson gave me the opportunity to solve those problems instantly and the jack-plug which is built into the chin rest presented an uncluttered violin surface. The sound level and tone I can get on stage is astonishing earning great praise from our sound engineers. The other main advantage is that the pickup system can be built into any bridge allowing for easy maintenance.
Some musicians might find the system to be expensive but in the long-run, much better to buy a Wilson at the start instead of spending thousands of Euros on experiments as I did.

Last but not least, the crowning glory of all is the personal help given by Wilson.

Many, many thanks Ole!

Pete Sage