1. How do the Wilson Pickups for double bass work?
    The Wilson Pickup System for double bass employs piezo transducers, which is …
    When the string vibrates it produces pressure waves against the bridge. These affect the crystal in the Pickup which produces an equivalent voltage. The more directly the piezo crystal is pointing towards the string, the more effect the pressure waves have on the crystal and the more volume (voltage) is produced. This enables the output to be adjusted by rotating the pickup crystal in its mount.
    The system is well-shielded to prevent picking up of unwanted external signals.
  2. Are the individual Wilson Pickups different from each other?
    Our pickups are measured to have the same signal strength, so it does not matter where, and what pickup you put in the bridge behind the strings.
    However, there may be some differences in the signal from the different strings. This is however almost because of the wood of the bridge or, where there are differences in wood stiffness, soft / hard and fiber density, etc.
  3. Is it possible to mount the pickups by myself?
    Each Wilson Pickup is delivered with detailed and easy-to-follow mounting instructions. It is, however, recommended that a skilled violin maker mount the Pickups into your bridge. Please see Mounting.
  4. Where can I buy the Wilson Pickups?
    Either you can order your Wilson Pickups directly from our website or you may visit one of our dealers close to you. Information regarding dealers, please contact us by email.
  5. What will the price be in my local currency, for a Wilson Pickup set?
    Please visit the menu Assortment and click at the selected product you wish to order. Choose the currency for your country in the currency selector, to see the price in your local currency. The price is excl. shipping fee, taxes/VAT.