Double Bass


K1 pickup on Lemur Laguna Bass

Hi everyone !Here is my solo on Giant Steps. For those wondering my setup, i use Wilson Pickup Systems.Enjoy !

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Here a surprising short find: Gig at the Diagonal Ingolstadt with my new EUB. Have it since a few days now and it the first gig i did with it. But it feels great so far. Got it for just under a week and not completely familiar with it at this point but i love it. This is also in particular a merit of Ole Wilson, who built in the great Wilson Pickup, which is my voice since decades. A huge improvement over the stock PU.

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This time I had the pleasure and honour to test the new ACUS bass and double bass amplifier, named ONE FOR BASS. For a better listening use your earphones… and enjoy :-)FOR THE MOST CURIOUS LISTENERSI have executed 3 SOUND TESTS overall:1. Double Bass used with the bow2. Double Bass pizzicato3. Electric BassThis is the first test, where I play the intro of a composition of mine called TEMPO INVERSO with the bow.THANKS A LOT TO:- ACUS Sound Engineering srl for manufacturing this stunning bass amplifier "One for Bass"- Davide De Tommaso from Aramini Strumenti Musicali srl for being so kind to grant me the opportunity to test this device- Emanuele Canale for his expertise and creativity in designing this ACUS amplifier- Ole Boje Wilson for providing me with the Wilson K4 pickupGEAR I USE IN THIS VIDEO:- Bruno Zobboli 2010 Double Bass- Adriano Massari Bow- Wilson K4 pickup- DPA micwhich I connected to the One for bass and recorded using both a direct output and the microphone.#doublebass #basssong #acousticbass #basssolo #bassist #bassplayer #uprightbass #inspirebass #solobass #bass #acussoundengineering #acus #araministrumentimusicali #aramini #WilsonPickUp #classicalmusic #musicaclassica #contrabbasso #contrebasse

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