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I have with great pride used Wilson pickups for my double basses since early 80´s. The most reliable pickup- real top quality. It is also PA-friendly and well sounding also when playing arco. I can warmly recommend it!

Anders Jormin - Sweden

Double bass

"Wilson pickup is in a league of its own with its own unique sound that will go with any style and any player!!! " Jahmal Nichols - USA

Double bass

"In 1992 i had the great honour and pleasure to meet Niels Henning Ørsted-Pedersen for lessons in Ishøy at his home. In the evening i wanted to pay for the lessons, but he didn‘t took the Money but told me to buy the Wilson Pickup which i also used!! Since this time i use the K4 and with his perfectness i created my own sound. I am very thankful to met Ole Boje Wilson in Lübeck and looking foreward to see him and his Kind wife soon again!
Thank you for this fantastic pickupsystem,"
Yours, Florian Galow - Germany

Double bass

“I have been using the Wilson Pick ups (V1&V2) in the last 3 years. I played with them in several styles from world music, to jazz, rock or electronic music, many times adding effects as wah-wah and delays. The sound of this pick-up is very pure and pizzicato sound is simply amazing! I recommend Wilson to professionals who are looking for getting the most accoustic sound possible when they are amplifying their instrument with a pick up.”

Asier Suberbiola - Spain

Double bass

I can't believe how a piezo pick-up is that much sharp and precise of magnetic so that it can give an acoustic tone away from the electronic sound of the magnetic. As a performer who have tried several pick-ups and magnetics, this is the BEST pick-up I have ever tried in terms of articulation, sustain, harmonics and clarity. Therefore, it also offers ease of playing ! I found the tone I was seeking for and I highly recommend who wants to acquire good tone from their bass.
Thanks a lot Wilson !
Yarkın Tuncer - Turkey

Double bass

"You´re sound is your signature! The Wilson Pickup System has helped me form my sound on stage. I can always rely on it giving me the best possible sound, from smaller jazz clubs to big concert venues. I really enjoy using Wilson."

Ellen Andrea Wang, Norway, 2018


Thank heavens I found Wilson pickups for my violins by coincidence after having spent a small fortune on other systems, some of which were bordering on useless for my expectations or just didn´t offer the range of flexibility which the Wilson pickups have.

I chose the twin pickup system after trying one system out first as I have four differently tuned violins on stage which, with other systems, produced differing sound levels and tonal quality. The Wilson gave me the opportunity to solve those problems instantly and the jack-plug which is built into the chin rest presented an uncluttered violin surface. The sound level and tone I can get on stage is astonishing earning great praise from our sound engineers. The other main advantage is that the pickup system can be built into any bridge allowing for easy maintenance.
Some musicians might find the system to be expensive but in the long-run, much better to buy a Wilson at the start instead of spending thousands of Euros on experiments as I did.

Last but not least, the crowning glory of all is the personal help given by Wilson.

Many, many thanks Ole!

Pete Sage, Germany 2018


It has been such a joy and privilege to use the Wilson pickup. As a classical violinist who enjoys playing a variety of musical genres, it is a blessing to be able to use a pickup that is both safe and of premium quality. With the Wilson pickup, I don't have to sacrifice the best sound of my instrument; nor do I have to worry about physical damage to the surface of my violin. Thank you, Wilson Pickups!
Sandy Cameron, US 2016

 by NIELS-HENNING ØRSTED PEDERSEN (May 27th 1946 - April 19th 2005)

I think that the sound production of this pick-up is the closest one can possibly get to the paradox of an "amplified acoustic double bass"! The WILSON Pick-up is the best transducer for double bass I have ever seen and heard. An Excellent offer to the bass players who want their sound amplified but tolerate absolutely no distortion of their music. I can warmly recommend the WILSON Pick-up system.
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen DK (1946 -2005)

Double bass

Wilson Pickup. In my world the Wilson Pick-up rules. I have been a happy and satisfied Wilson user since 1986. I am very interested in sound. I have been doing a lot of studio work through my life. When you record a lot you have the chance to get to know your sound. The Wilson Pick-up gives me the sound that is closest to the sound of my 200-year-old great upright acous-tic sound. The nuances details the sustain and the singing sound of my beautiful bass comes out with the Wilson system. Live the Wilson Pickup always works. You get a clear reliable sound that also works with effects. As soon as new bass pickup and microphone systems arrive on the scene I always try them but my sound is a Wilson sound.Recently I found a Stagg Stick Bass. Particularly this bass fits my hands. I chanced the sound system on the bass to a Wilson 4. Now I can travel with a well sounding upright. Thanks to Wilson, Bo Stief, DK



Double bass

I love using the Wilson Pick-up System. Not only does it sound very natural but it also gives me a very strong signal without feeding back. I have used it for years with my own band and bands like Michael Brecker Quartet to David Sanborn to Mike Stern. This alone shows you the wide spectrum of this pick up. Acoustic jazz funk and jazz-rock. For the acoustic bass the Wilson Pick Up got it all! Chris Minh Doky - Denmark



Using the Wilson V2 pickup for violin:

"I have enjoyed using the Wilson Pickup Systems on my violin for the past 15 years. The amplified sound is very close to my violin´s acoustic tone and without feeding back. Keep up the good work, Wilson!"
Mads Tolling, US 2014

Double bass

JRP using Wilson K4 pickup on his double bass. He studied double bass with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP) at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more than 15 years Jimmi toured with legendary jazz pianist Horace Parlan and backed artists such as Benny Bailey, Al Grey and Lee Konitz. He has 100+ records to his credit including two solo bass albums. Jimmi was nominated as best solo instrumentalist in The 2009 JPF Music Awards in Nashville, TN USA.
Jimmi Roger Pedersen, Denmark


During the last many years I have been experimenting with a great many systems for amplification for violins, and to date, the Wilson Pickup System is the most perfect one I have come across. It is small, reliable and the system wich gets nearest to the natural sound of a violin. In short: I can warmly recommend the system to violinists with a need to amplifying their instrument. Kim Sjøgren, Violin - Denmark.

Double bass

"Wilson pickup was a major revolution for bass players when it came on the market. I've been using it since 1988 and after 26 years it's still "the pickup" for me. It seems to work with every kind of amplifier (and bass) which makes touring so easy - I can put all my concentration on the music and always know that my instrument will sound true for all the listeners".
Hans Backenroth, Sweden.

Double bass

"Great sound... the first word that came into my mind when I think about Wilson Pick-ups!!!
No feed backs,natural big sound ,take the best from the instrument!!!I have used this system in the last 13 years...always great moments!!!In record sessions on studio,or live sessions the quality is amazing,great signal!!!On my solo carrear or playing with Stanley Jordan,Milton Nascimento and other great musicians always the best sound!!!"
Dudu Lima, Brazil

Double bass

Professor at University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria.

Got my “old faithful” re-installed on my new bass.
Thank you, Ole Boje Wilson!
The Swiss Army knife of pick ups.
Morten Ramsbøl, DK

Photo by: Una Stade


A multiple award winning composer, music producer,
classical crossover violinist, visual artist and writer
from Germany, now located in California.

"Wilson Pickups are the best in my opinion.
I have used them on international stages for years.
Catya Maré,"

Double bass

I have used the Wilson Pickup system for more than 20 years and still find it the absolute best on the market. It creates a warm and distinct sound with no feedback problems.The pickup reproduce exactly the sustain and punch you put into the instrument without having to deal with finger noise or an overly amplified attack which I find in a lot of the piezo pickups on the market. I always use a blend of Wilson and an acoustic microphone on all my recordings.Arild Andersen Norway Played with Jan Garbarek Sam Rivers Don Cherry John Abercrombie Bill Frisell Stan Getz John Scofield Pat Metheny Ralph Towner Paul Bley Gary Burton among others.


I have great pleasure in giving my warmest recommendation to Wilson Pickup System. In my opinion it?s the most elegant solution of the problem natural electric amplification of the violin.Svend Asmussen


I am finding the cello pickup lovely. I have only had one chance to use it in a bigger venue and the sound was good even with a short soundcheck. I find that just using it with my amp in smaller venues is great. The sound is very true to the instrument and easy to use for a quick pickup setup. I have already had many compliments on it....mostly that people don't realize that I am amplified until they see the amp on the floor which is wonderful.April Guthrie USA

Double bass

In combination with a microphone or alone the K4 is the best pickup system I have used on my bass. Arco or pizzicato it produces a full natural and even sound from top to bottom with excellent dynamic range and volume capabilities.Lincoln Goines US


Using Wilson V2 pickup for violin


First time I had the chance to play violin with a Wilson pickup was in a television comedy show.
The pickup was installed in an electric stock violin and the staff, the audience and I were very surprised with that great sound.
I have been playing with the Wilson violin pickup in my cheap acoustic violin for many years, and the sound is very impressive. The sound is close to my expensive Italian violin and I am so pleased to play my violin amplified with this fantastic pickup.
Ingemar Ihlis, Sweden

Double bass

“Trying to sound as if rock & roll had never existed, Bo Kaspers Orkester managed to become one of the best-selling Swedish bands of the '90s.”
Bass player Michael Malmgren use the Wilson K4 pickup on his double bass.
Michael Malmgren, Sweden

Double bass

I have been amplifying my double bass for over twenty years and in that time have used most if not all of the pickups available on the market. In my opinion the WILSON PICKUP is by far the fullest clearest and most natural sounding pickup of them all. Response is immediate and the instruments tone is accurately reproduced pizzicato and arco right through the entire dynamic range. Also very importantly the pickup does not mute tone as all of the other contact type pickups.My best wishes thanks and congratulations.Dave Ellis Australia

Double bass

I've been playing the double bass since 1960 and used them all but have never seen such attention to detail this pickup has. This individual pole design the Wilson employs seems unique and makes a great jazz bass sound Tony Coe/ The Jazz Shades - 2013.

Double bass

I have been using the Wilson K1 for many years with great satisfaction for both pizzicato and bow. In all my youtube videos and CDs I have used this pickup! Now I have upgraded to the K4 and I am even happier. More videos and recordings to come... Thanks a lot J?rgen and Ole! (T. Zanotti) Double bassist electric bassist and composer based in Bologna. After the Conservatoire he has attended various jazz and rock master classes becoming a skilled guitar piano and cello player too. He has participated in a number of records and live shows playing with Sabir Mateen Fabrizio Puglisi Claudio Lolli Nicola Piovani Andrea Bocelli Josef Alessi among aothers and in several orchestras and jazz and rock bands. As a leader he has made several albums including a solo bass disc ( Gestire lo Spazio Echoes 2007). He is now touring with his three main live projects: a solo performance Specchio Asimmetrico for contrabass and video design the contemporary jazz quartet an experimental duo featuring bass vocals and electronic effects.Within his extensive career as a music educator he has recently founded a specialised school for bassists double bassists and composers located in Bologna.

Double bass

Using the K4 pickup since 1985....
Since the 70’s Jens Jefsen has had an infinite number of gigs in Denmark with American jazz musicians living in Denmark and abroad. Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, Ben Webster, Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge, Clark Terry, Zoot Zims and Al Cohn are just a few of the people he has performed with.

Jefsen has also, during the last 30 years, played with many trendsetting Danish groups.

Most recently he has recorded and performed on the Danish scenes with musicians such as Bob Rockwell, Thomas Clausen, Alex Riel, Bob Mintzer, Jerry Bergonzi, Dave Samuels, Paquito D’Rivera, Lars Jansson, Deborah Brown, Carmen Bradford, Matt Harris, Kenny Werner, Joe Lovano, Dennis Mackrel, John Abercrombie, Lars Møller, Adam Nussbaum, Phil Markowitz, Jukkis Uotila, Bill Warfield, Ken Peplowski and many others.
Jens Jefsen is still (2014) a busy performing musician.

Double bass

After more than forty years as a professional bass player trying out every single item on bass acoustic capture f inaly gave myself a peacefull rest on the day I decided to buy a Wilson bass pick-up. No more fear of live gigs werever they took place small clubs or large stages. The full warm and clear bass sound that was only in my dreams became a reality. No complicated gear to regulate impedances or EQ problems. Direct from the Wilson pick up to amp or mixing able and HELAS there it is. Since then i recomend it to any one who asks me about bass amlification. GO FOR IT !!!!Alberto Jorge. Portugal


Dear Mr. Wilson During the last couple of days I have been testing the V2 Pickup in several acoustic systems different places and music studios. I can tell you that I have never heard something even appropriate to this clear natural and powerful sound! It is definitely the model that I have been looking for since it is unbelievable how it's equally reproducing the whole violin's spectrum starting from the G-string and finishing with the highest notes. Considering the fact that on my work on stage the music's volume is extremely high there are no feedback problems. Thank you once again for such a professional made pickup!

Ion Zacon Moldova.

Double bass

I've been using the Wilson pickup for many years it has always given me an excellent sound and has never let me down.


The new Wilson Pickup System for Cello is a great innovation and wonderful offer to the cello players who want a natural amplified and well defined tone. All pizzocato effects have bass-like sound and many special arco effects appear very clearly.It is a pleasure to play with this Pickup-system in concerts because they are neither feedback nor crash like in other systems I tested.I can warmly recommend the Wilson Pickup System it is actually the best for violoncello on the market and can be used for any kind of musicDaniel Pezzotti

Double bass

After trying numerous different pickups that did not work the way i wanted I finally ended up with Wilson K4 and it blew me away. Plug it in - Flat EQ and that?s just about it. True-sounding reliability and no feedback whatsoever.

Double bass

Hello I am writing to you upon my discovery of your webpage. I have used your Wilson K4 pickup on my basses for the last 20 years and believe that I can truly represent the quality and playability of your product even on my latest travel instrument the Eminence 4RN EUB. I get wonderful comments on the sound of my instrument constantly and always attribute it to your pickup system. From my vintage 200 year old bohemian instrument to my travel EUB you will always find a wilson pickup. Thanks for your time Tom Kennedy


My Wilson Pick Up helps me achieve the most natural sounding violin tone. Over the past 6 years it has wowed audiences with it's clarity and effectiveness. Having a good sound is an essential part of any performance. I'm looking forward to many more years of use. Thank you. Michael

WILSON Pick-up gives a natural acoustic bass-sound not only by pizzicato but even by arco. WILSON Pick-up gives the natural bow-sound. That is why I always use WILSON Pick-up.- Yasuhito Mori Sweden/Japan

This pick-up system is really fantastic it reproduces a warm and distinct sound and has no feed back problems- Carlos d l Puerto Cuba/USA

The WILSON Pick-up for double bass gives a very realistic reproduction of the acoustic sound and is simply the best I have ever used. The same has been said by the great sound engineers Rudy van Gelder and David Baker when they recorded me on several recent albums directly from the Pick-up. I highly recommend the WILSON Pick-up.- George Mraz USA

The Wilson pickup-system is to me the best amplified bass sound I ever used or heard. This implicates that you can be sured to be heard in any musical situation and in any register.Using it has changed my playing totally: Because you can hear all of the sound up tothe end of the vibration you really work on each note and not only on the attack. That's changing your perception and control of each hand and the synchronization of them. This consciousness of the sound forces you to be much more responsible of each note you'ld play. Pierre Boussaguet. France 2013

The WILSON Pick-up is great! It has that natural wood sound that I am looking for in amplified pizzicato and arco performances.- Wayne Darling Austria

I really love to play with your pickup system. Wherever I play jazz clubs TV studios concerts etc. I can find the sound I like to play with. Thanks to the WILSON?s pickup I dare at last to play with a bow at the stage with any amplification system. The sustain reproduction is really accurate not too long not too short and I like it very much.Jean-Philippe Viret. Paris


I just want you to know that I just got home from having David Gage install the pickup. He did a good job with the installation. When i got home I plugged the bass into my amplifier and it sounded grat immediately! I think your pickup will give me everything that wasn?t getting with other bass amplification systems.Sincerely Jay Anderson

I have been using a WILSON PICKUP since they first were available. I feel that it has the most natural sound of any pickup that I used. Its response is even in all registers and I never fail to get compliments on its quality from sound and recording engineers.When I switch from pizzicato to arco there is no dramatic increase in volume like there is with other pickups. The WILSON PICKUP makes my bass sound as though it were completely acoustic at all volume levels. Jennifer Jane Leitham, USA

WILSON PICKUP is very well suited for the type of music I play with that instrument. The sound is focused and gives me the puch that the bass has as well as the body and warmth. Plus the capacity for pure arco amplification is unsurpassed by anything I have yet seen or heard. I heartly recommend this pickup to any bass player who is serious about reproducing the sound of the instrument.All the best Marc Johnson

To me the most important quality of the WILSON PICKUP SYSTEM is its natural and acoustic sound. It is also a very durable system and creates no distortion what so ever while in the midst of a T.V. or an otherwise complex recording situation. I have used the WILSON for many years now and I?m very happy with it.Sincerely Koos Serierse

I use the WILSON PICK UP on my electric fivestring bass together with a magnetic pick up. The result is extraordinarily good. It adds the necessary acoustic amount to my slightly electric sound. In addition - although my special bass has no resonance body - I can still use it occasionally as the only pick up especially when the circumstances like electric interferences do not allow to use a magnetic pick up system. I can highly recommend the WILSON Pick-up SYSTEM. I'm very satisfied.- Eberhard Weber France

I have had a chance to try out your pickup for several weeks now and am very pleased to inform you that the WILSON PICKUP is the best pickup I have ever used. What I especially like is how even and how well it works for arco bass.Best regards Arni Egilsson

Swedish bassist, cellist, composer and arranger using Wilson K4 pickup on the bass and C4 pickup on the cello during 30 years.

"I could not play cello at any concert without your development"

Lars Danielsson, SE


I would like to tell you how happy I am with your pickup. I have been using it for more years with satisfaction. The sound is very clear and clean. The way it picks up the bowing is extraordinary it is by far the best very well balanced with the pizzicato-sound.Hein van de Geyn

World famous jazz bassist, band leader and composer, using the K4 pickup for double bass since 1986

I've had a wilson on both of my basses for 20 years and love the natural sound of my basses that it reproduces. They just continue to work and give me the tone for which I'm looking.