About us


In 1983 Danish engineer Jørgen Wilson started the first attempts to develop a new pickup system for sound amplification of the double bass based on piezo transducers, which, placed on a string instrument, makes it possible to adjust volume on every single string manually. Mr. Wilson could with his trained ears as an amateur jazz bassist adjust the development proces of the Pickup system to its maximum capacities.

The developed Wilson Pickup System turned out to be groundbreaking in the field of double bass amplification and has ever since resulted in a growing demand from bass players worldwide as well as from cellist, violinists, and other string playing musicians with a need of a high quality amplification of their instrument. Today the Wilson Pickup System is used by leading bassists all over the world.

Ole Wilson has been working around in the workshop for many years and has followed in his fathers footsteps because of his interest in musical instruments and sound. Ole who has been trained by his father in all necessary sales, quality and production processes, has taken over due to a running generational of the company from 2012.