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2 piezo pickups gathered in parallel to a Switchcraft 121 extension jack, incl. special Wilson chinrest and mounting tools V for installation

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Our smallest pickup is designed to capture the bright frequency spectrum of the violin and viola, to provide an amplified output as close to the acoustic sound as possible. The V2ch Wilson pickup consists of two piezo elements connected to a Switchcraft 121 female jack is providing you the very best amplification for violin. The special Wilson chinrest handmade in ebony wood, discretely fix the female jack and at the same time making it easy to plug in/out the cable jack. The fine sound is focused and defined without feeding back at any level. The output level between the strings is adjustable by rotating the pickup elements with the supplied adjusting key. The V2 Wilson pickup is easily mounted directly into the bridge and the recommended mounting position provides the natural acoustic sound from the violin. Special mounting tools are included with each set of Wilson V2 pickups.

(Viola: Please leave a message to order the V2ch with longer wire for the viola pickup with 21 cm wire