GAIN ONE buffer 10 MΩ (complete set)

 332.00 excl. tax

The GAIN ONE is an audio buffer for music instrument pickup´s. It is a kind of preamp, but without any actual amplification. It provides high impedance input for the pickup and low impedance output able to drive long audio cables.

Set contents:

  • 1 original WILSON GAIN ONE buffer 10 MΩ
  • 1 battery charger 12VDC (usable worldwide 100-240V AC, 50~60Hz)
  • Fastener (Velcro) for fixing
  • Belt clip
Technical specifications:
Switching on/off takes place via inserting both connectors
Battery life: Stand-by approx. 6 months
Operation approx. 2 days
Expected life of battry is 10 years (exchangeable)
Cabinet material: Aluminium
Physical case dimensions: 85 x 54 x 23 mm
Weight: 122 g
Audio data:
Gain 0 dB
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz – 3dB
Input impedance approx. 10 MΩ
Output impedance approx. 470Ω
9V rechargeable lithium battery
Operation of the unit:
Connected between the pickup and an amplifier, wireless system, mixer, preamp or pedal.
Charge until it is fully charged. (charging time approx. 6-7 hours)
Green status indicator when charged.
The buffer is not designed for use during charging
Switching on/off takes place via inserting both connectors (a blue LED indicator lights up).
Additional accessories available for purchase:
Car cable charger 12VDC
15 cm patch cable


The WILSON GAIN ONE buffer 10 MΩ ensures your piezo pickup delivers a perfect performance.

It eliminates sound troubles and provides an undistorted powerful and hum-free signal, even when connected to long cables, effects or wireless systems.

A high impedance piezo pickup, such as the Wilson pickup, provides a powerful, clean, but very high impedance signal. That means it is sensitive to what kind of amplifier, mixer, preamp or pedal it is connected to.

If the input impedance of the device the pickup is connected to is low, it will act as a short circuit of the pickup, causing a weak and distorted sound.

By using a buffer between the pickup and the amplifier, you will avoid this problem, as the buffer has a very high input impedance, which does not load the pickup, and a very low output impedance, which is completely unaffected by what it is connected to.

Distortion will be avoided and the powerful signal from the pickup is retained.

Sensitivity to hum is additionally reduced due to the low output impedance of the buffer.

All piezo-based pickups are high impedance, and will work significantly better with a buffer, which provides an undistorted powerful and hum-free signal.

Please watch an impartial test of GAIN ONE buffer, made by bass player Frode Berg: