The Wilson Pickup System for violin and viola has quite a few assets to offer:

  • It gives a realistic, close to perfect, acoustic sound.
  • It allows volume adjusting of bright and deep strings by simply rotating the Pick-up in its mount.
  • It is accurate and completely linear in all registers.
  • It has the same effect when played by pizz and arco.
  • It is connected directly to an amplifier. No pre-amp needed.
  • It is easily built into the bridge as an active part of the violin itself.
  • It’s position in the bridge is mixing a perfect balance between the output from your strings. A feature not covered by any competitor.
  • It has a frequency response of 150 Hz to 30 kHz – and even beyond.

The craftmanship of the Wilson Pickups is uncompromised. Each Pickup is handmade in Denmark and thoroughly tested for mechanical tolerance, insulating resistance and frequency response.

Code:               V1-V2

Size:                 3,5* x 6,5 mm

Frequency:    150-30.000 Hz

Impedance:    >1 M

Output:           200 mV

Signal:           100 mV upon 1 M ohm

Chord:             15 cm, (chord for viola 21 cm)

Extension Jack: Switchcraft 121 (0.25″/6.35mm)

*) Tolerance +/- 0,01mm