“The sound of this pick-up is very pure and pizzicato sound is simply amazing! I recommend Wilson to professionals who are looking for getting the most accoustic sound possible when they are amplifying their instrument with a pick up.” Asier Suberbiola – Spain

"It is quite incredible to
finally be able to play amplified concerts with my Guarneri and to be assured of its safety and realistic sound"
Sandy Cameron, United States

"I love using the Wilson Pick-up System. Not only does it sound very natural, but it also gives me a very strong signal without feeding back. I have used it for years with my own band and bands like Michael Brecker Quartet to David Sanborn to Mike Stern. This alone shows you the wide spectrum of this pick up. Acoustic jazz, funk and jazz-rock. For the acoustic bass, the Wilson Pick Up got it all! "
- Chris Minh Doky, Denmark

“You’re sound is your signature! The Wilson Pickup System has helped me form my sound on stage. I can always rely on it giving me the best possible sound, from smaller jazz clubs to big concert venues. I really enjoy using Wilson!"
Ellen Andrea Wang, Norway – Double bass, vocal and composer

"I could not play cello at any concert
without your development"
Lars Danielsson, Sweden